We are serious hobby breeders based in USA. We breed for health, temperament, conformation and beauty. Grab a cup of coffee and have a look around, we’re so glad you’re here!

Our goal when we purchased our male and the 3 females was to find dogs that had great pedigrees with great health clearances.  We believe these are one of the best breeds anyone can own who wants a large dog to enjoy and be a companion.  Also, this breed can easily be trained with a little effort if you want a dog to have fun with, or you plan on having a hunting or sporting dog.  When you take one of our dogs on a walk in the field you will see the high alert attitude that would be desirable in a high quality hunting dog.  These dogs could be trained to be SERIOUS field companions!

We really do stand behind our dogs.  When you purchase a puppy from us we want you to be highly satisfied and we will work together with you to resolve any issues that may come up.  Just like all breeders, we realize that situations could arise that both parties need to address, and we are more than willing to do our part.

We have made every effort possible in our purchases, vet care, and all clearances to assure that we sell only healthy puppies.