Just brought Zena to the vets today he went through everything her palate, checked her eyelashes to make sure no future problems he went down the list, that was the longest vet exam I’ve ever been to…but he said she is perfect! She is doing great, she is a little horder everything she finds she drags it to her crate and into her bed she is such a spoiled girl everyone that meets her loves her! I will send you more pictures asap.

Mike, Tammy


Our Little Miss Sugar Magnolia is doing fine. We took her to the vet on Tuesday night and she was a hit. The vet said that all is well. The vet assistant liked her so much that they used her picture for the office screen saver and emailed pictures to her boyfriend. I am sending a few pictures so you can see how she is. It seem like she is already getting bigger. Thanks again. keep in touch.


Good Day,

I wish to let you know that my puppy just arrived.we much love him. The toys are all adorable but we are some how sad because my little girl who is to be his friend is currently off the states and will only return home in two weeks time. Before then,Max will have to be lonely due the nature of my work which too time demanding. We however assure you that all will be ok with Max.



hihi….Oh my Good. I am talking with tear. I must start by apologising for questioning you so much before adopting the Joy. Please,once more accept my apologies. Its just that I had been scammed once and that was why I was so suspicious. I went to the airport with a divided mind because I bore deep in me that I have been scammed again. I burst it to tears of joy when I saw the Crate Tagged To MRS Angela Brumfield. On opening it, I met the little pretty, model lying just as Jesus Christ on Xmas day. I am so happy. My children adore her. Though she is house brocken, she remains our model



Sandra is so amazing, after getting her home and some food and water, it was all about play time!! Wow I don’t think they get any cuter than this, she’s so much fun. I can imagine you might get some new customers when all my students finally meet her. Thank you so much, she is absolutely perfect!!!

Wenday and Harrison

Hi, just wanted to send you a quick note on how much we love our baby. He is the absolute best dog, loved by the whole family. We don’t know what our lives would be like if Archie wasn’t part of them. He is such a lovable dog. If he didn’t snore so loud, he would be in our bed for sure. He has grown so fast, our neighbors are astounded. Potty training is coming along pretty good, he has a few accidents here and there. Thanks very much for this offer.


Hello,Here is a pic of Brutus. He is growing up to be a handsome boy. He is still a little thin but he has an athletic build, very healthy with a very pronounced pear shape body. He is also the sweetest and most behaved Great Dane I have ever met.

Laura and Maurice